Matcha Bites

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March 5, 2015
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March 24, 2015

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Get in to the green spirit with matcha macadamia coconut energy bites. Matcha is a nutritional powerhouse and one of my favorite ingredients to spruce up a recipe. Matcha powder is made from ground tencha green tea leaves from Japan. I get my matcha from Matcha Ninja, a Toronto-based company, which offers a 100% raw and organic product. Matcha Ninja de-stems each premium tencha leaf before grinding them into matcha powder. No additional ingredients are added.  Matcha is high in antioxidants, can boost your metabolism, regulates blood sugar levels, and has vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc, and magnesium. Mixed with macadamias and shredded coconut, this recipe will give you the energy you need to power through the day and is sure to delight!

Matcha Bites
Equipment needed: food processor. Makes 12 bites.
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  1. 1 cup raw macadamia nuts, soaked 2 hours
  2. 1 tbsp matcha powder
  3. 2 tbsp coconut oil
  4. 1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
  5. 10 pitted dates
  1. Place all ingredients in a food processor and blend until fully combined.
  2. Roll into bite-sized balls.
  3. Chill in fridge for about 1 hour or until set.




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