Nutrition Consultations

What is holistic nutrition?

Holistic nutrition assesses the whole individual being, including their emotions, environment, mental state, physical state, and spirituality, to optimize health through diet and lifestyle. Holistic nutrition can help with a variety of health concerns including anxiety, stress, digestion, acne, eczema, thyroid imbalances, high blood sugar, weight-loss and more. Holistic nutritionists help individuals uncover the root cause of a health concern and create an individual approach to wellness. Using clean, whole foods and non-toxic products, as well as local and organic practices plays a key role in leading a holistic lifestyle.

Initial Consultation



Includes two 1-hour sessions: a thorough diet/lifestyle assessment and health history followed by a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan, including recipes and strategies to succeed, which is reviewed and explained in-depth.

Follow-Up Appointments



Includes one 1-hour session: we will address your progress, discuss any challenges, create additional goals and focus on realistic strategies to achieve your optimal health and wellness.

Busy schedule or not in the Toronto area? No problem! Meetings are also conducted by phone or Skype.