“The simple raw recipes covered in Rawcology’s Intro Class are all easy and quick to make, and require little more in most cases than a food processor. This spin on raw food is an awesome solution for anyone seeking some freshness in their diet.”


“Tara Tomulka’s Instagram feed is filled with colourful meal options that will have you eating the rainbow.”

Chefs Plate

Cassie Brown, Culinary Manager

"Tara dazzled Chefs Plate customers across Canada with her wonderfully delicious and colourful dishes. Tara's thoughtful approach to plant-based eating aligns with our commitment to sustainability and ethical food sourcing. Rawcology shines with food that pops of the page and plate!"

Erin Levine Nutrition

Erin Levine, Founder

"Rawcology has proven to be a noted component to Toronto's real food movement. Her healthy recipes, charisma, and dedication to plant-based eating is an inspiration!"

Greenhouse Juice Co.

Emma Knight, Director of Brand Development

"Tara is a master of plant-based cuisine. Her recipes are delicious, easy to follow, and endlessly creative. Rawcology's classes are a must for anyone looking to make healthy choices without sacrificing fun-- and aren't we all?"