Delicious and nutritious recipes:

Whether you’re looking to revamp your restaurant menu or offer your customers more plant-based options, Tara will work with you to create vibrant, healthy and delicious recipes. Tara is an experienced recipe developer who has developed plant-based recipes for George Brown College’s Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts, Chefs Table and Greenhouse Juice Co.


Achieve optimal health and wellness:

By taking a holistic approach to health and nutrition that considers food, lifestyle, mind, body and spirit, Tara will work with you to find the approach to optimal wellness that works best for you and your unique lifestyle.


Learn how to make easy, plant-based recipes:

Our 100% organic, plant-based culinary classes focus on making the cooking (and uncooking) process fun and simple. Gain confidence in the kitchen and be inspired to eat and create easy, healthy and delicious recipes everyday!


Organic, plant-based foods for all types of eaters:

From dips, gourmet main dishes to desserts, Tara’s take on sustainable, healthy, plant-based foods will nourish, satisfy and keep you coming back for seconds.