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Summer Snack Bundle

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Summer Snack Bundle


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      We brought together some of our favourite Canadian brands for a special limited edition Summer Snack Bundle that includes Rawcology Smoky Cheeze Coconut Chips, Chocolate Grain Free GranolaAbokichi’s best selling Chili Miso Sauce and a sampling of Station Cold Brew’s three flavours of Oat Milk Cold Coffee Brew Lattes (Classic, Mocha, and Salted Caramel).

      About Abokichi

      Abokichi is dedicated to sharing the creativity which can emerge when different cultures interact. Abokichi means "Fortunate Avocado," a coinage from "abogado", a South American fruit which has found a place in cuisines all over the world, and "kichi" which means fortunate in Japanese, to express the blessing of the diversity of different cultures in the world.

      Our story began when Abokichi co-founder Jess first encountered onigiri (Japanese rice balls) as a healthy and convenient snack or meal while living in Tokyo. After returning to Canada, Jess had difficulty finding healthy, natural, and minimally processed food to eat on the run. As a result, she decided to introduce onigiri as a healthy option for busy people in Canada, selling at farmer’s markets in the Toronto area with her business and life partner, Fumi. Abokichi has also welcomed Bobby to the team. He is in charge of production and logistics.

      Today, the three of us entrepreneurs work tirelessly, along with our dedicated team, to deliver you healthy and delicious Japanese food.

      About Station Cold Brew

      “Life is full of compromise, but we believe your time, your health and your planet shouldn't make that list. From the beginning our goal at Station Cold Brew has been to broaden the possibilities of your daily Coffee ritual without compromising on the important stuff.

      Better ingredients that are better for you and better for the planet.”

      Steve Ballantyne , Founder Station Cold Brew

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