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Rawcology 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays are here! Give the gift of healthy granola and snacks from Rawcology. 

Rawcology is a female founded, family run, Toronto based wellness company making granola and snacks that are truly wholesome and delicious! All our recipes are nutritionist formulated for optimal nutrition and flavor. Our unique Grain Free Granolas and Snacks appeal to a whole host of markets and lifestyles as we are certified organic, plant based, keto & paleo friendly, low sugar and top 11 allergen free.

Enjoy a special bundle at a VERY jolly price. Get our Bestselling Chocolate Grain Free Granola, our Holiday Limited Edition Mint Chip Grain Free Granola and three 30g snack pack Mint Chip Granola bags! Our Limited Edition grain-free Mint Chocolate Chip Gluten Free Granola is decadently chocolatey with the freshest mint flavour. It's reminiscent of your favourite childhood mint chocolate cookies, or mint chocolate squares, but filled with real whole food nourishment, natural sugar and blood sugar balancing seeds! Get it before the season is over! 


Here are some must have items we love this 2022 Holiday Season!  
You had me at mushroom. Organic Traditions Mocha & Dirty Chai contain a 5-mushroom blend of chaga, reishi, cordyceps, lion's mane and turkey tail. This mushroom blend supports whole body harmony by increasing quality sleep, calming the nervous system, improving cognitive function, and restoring gut health. The endurance fuel contains antioxidant boosting cordyceps, hormone balancing maca, and stress reliving ashwagandha. Organic Traditions mushroom coffee blends are super versatile. They make for a great pre-workout coffee and add a boost of health to your baked goods and smoothies.
WTF- Yes, I said it! WTF (What the Flour) will be your new go to gluten-free baking pantry staple, now that’s a mouthful. WTF’s mission is to make gluten-free eating nutrient-rich and delicious by using ancient grains and ingredients that you know can pronounce. Their Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix is a must, especially during the holidays. They are a female owned business proudly supporting Mamas for Mamas, a national charity that supports mothers in crisis, by providing gluten-free options for families in need.  As our WTF friend once said- Bake on friend. Bake on.
What you put in your body is important, and that is exactly why Nomz was founded. Nomz makes nourishing snacks, nut butters, nourishing super powders, and so much more. They are organic, free from refined sugar, and made with only pure, simple ingredients, nourishing your body from the inside out. Enhance your wellness this holiday season by implementing Nomz healthy fat Nut Butter or Daily Nourish Superfood Mix- a holy grail for making the most nutrient-rich smoothies, meals or beverages. 
Real Food, no BS. Nud Fud is on a mission to improve lives through food. Nud Fud’s ingredients are all gut-friendly, nut-free, and packed with filling good fats, fibre and protein. Upgrade your snack game this holiday season by gifting yourself NUD Best Seller Sampler pack- because you deserve whole, healthy and delicious food.
The Holidays are all about Christmas music, good cheer, and of course, ridiculously tasty trail mix. Toodaloo makes super tasty snacks that heal- with each flavor made with functional ingredients to support gut health, skin, energy, focus, and relaxation. They take a spin on the classic trail mix by incorporating Ancient Apoptogenic Herbs to support your body’s natural ability for stress relief, energy production, and holistic balancing.  
Give the gift of healthy eats that taste like treats. Enjoy your favourite foods like pizza, cookies, cakes, and brownies made with real-food ingredients that your body will thrive on. These baking mixes are so delicious, perfect for holiday parties & hostess gifts and ridiculously easy to make.
There is no better way to kick off the ultimate Holiday snack board than with Oat Haus -the world’s first oat-based spread-Granola Butter. Oat Haus is vegan, made with organic ingredients, gluten-free oats, and no refined sugars. Dippable, spreadable, or eat the entire jar with a spoon, it is that’s good.
Look Organics is an organic, vegan + cruelty free personal care brand, looking to change the way the way people look at their everyday products, their bodies, and the world. Your skin is your body's largest organ, and it’s important to take care of it with non-toxic products you can feel good about. Give the gift of glowing skin. Gift Look Organics.
Meet Mimar Skin, all-natural organic skincare essentials. Mimar focuses on strengthening the skin barrier, even out texture, reduce inflammation and lock in moisture throughout the day leaving your skin nourished and supple. One of our favorites listed in our Holiday Gift Guide is the Luna Balancing face oil. It is a Squalene-based Blue Tansy face oil that has been formulated for dry skin, skin redness, and acne-prone skin. It is suitable for all skin types and balances your skin's oil production for healthy glowing skin.
APT 6 Skin Co creates safe, non-toxic, self-care products that your skin will love. Rejuvenate your winter skin with APT 6 Skin Co Soothing Rose Coconut Face Mist. A spritz of this aloe vera infused mist finishes off your routine by leaving your face looking dewy and fresh. Besides being soothing, aloe vera and panthenol also boost healing and are anti-inflammatory.  APT 6 Skin Co Soothing Rose Coconut Face Mist is also rich in antioxidants.  
A gift everyone will love. Restore skin to its natural state of smooth glowing wonder with Living Libations Best Skin Ever. Created with synergetic, organic oils perfect to bring into balance every skin type.
Healthy skin starts from within. Support your skin's health, hydration, and vitality with Ora Organics Good Skin Day supplement. Boosting with liver-supporting ingredients and antioxidants, Good Skin Day helps you have a healthy response to skin inflammation.
Give the gift of Drift & Digest- herbals teas to help you balance your body. Drift & Digest is the perfect holiday bundle for those looking to optimize their digestion and get a better night's sleep. Digest is a de-bloating & restorative gut health organic herbal tea, promoting healthy intestinal permeability and ease of digestive stress. Drift, aka your new bedtime BFF, is the perfect tea to support optimal sleep patterns and nervous system regulation. 
We are spilling the tea! Get cozy with the Holiday Cozy Gift Box by Lake&Oak- a female powered, organic, plant-based, vegan, and all-natural, Superfood Tea and Superfood Latte Brand. All wrapped up and ready to gift, the Holiday Cozy Gift Box Includes 3 most popular comforting blends to celebrate the holiday season, and yes, they taste just as good as they sound.
Fill your home and holidays with the gift of a fresh new scent. Mala’s coconut-soy candles are crafted from the simplest of ingredients: natural coconut and soy wax, wood wicks, lead-free cotton wicks and the highest quality blend of phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils. Think sustainability, handcrafted, and lead-free. Mala the Brand makes for the perfect holiday present to gift and to receive.
Cozy up this holiday season with Province of Canada. From cozy sweatsuits to hand knit toques, Province of Canada has all the coziest gifts in just one click. With a goal for reducing their environmental footprint, majority of their cotton is knitted locally and grown sustainably.
Silky hair is in the air. We love the silk scrunchies from The Silk Labs. Switching to a silk scrunchie can do more than simply prevent hair damage. It can help reduced hair creases when having your hair up, prevent frizz, it’s resistant to mold, bacteria and fungi, and they look fab!
Put the well in wellness with The Gut Lab’s supercharged supplements. The Gut Lab’s superfood ranges are mindfully crafted using only the highest quality, responsibly sourced powdered roots, herbs, fruits, + healing mushrooms. A personal favorite of ours during the cold winter months is the Immunity, an everyday power boost with a pinch of warmth with ginger + turmeric. Give the gift of a healthy gut with The Gut Lab.
Mintier - Breath Oil           
Say hello to Mintier. The perfect solution for keeping breath fresh on the go or for kissing under the mistletoe. 100% natural alternative that is the world’s first oil-based breath mint with ingredients such as spearmint & peppermint that inhibit the growth of oral bacteria, and clove which is naturally antibacterial. Each serving gives you long-lasting fresh breath and type of breath mint you can feel confident in. P.s. They make great stocking stuffers.
Looking for a simple way to enhance your daily rituals with lattes and without the jitters? Meet Blume & their tasty superfood lattes. With inspiration such as salted caramel and pumpkin spice, Blume turned your all-time favorite café classics into a functional blend made with all organic superfoods that nourish your mind, body, and soul. Shop your favourite holiday bevies with a better-for-you-twist.
Give the gift of exfoliation with Midnight Palomas Body Dry Brush. A vegan brush made from synthetic fibers that are gentle, yet effective. Exfoliating regularly will help prevent ingrown hair, promote lymphatic flow/drainage, boost circulation, help stimulate and prevent cellulite. This Dry Brush provides gentle exfoliation and suitable for all skin types.
Tune into your inner Wellness Guru! Give the thoughtful gift of high-quality essential oils and diffusers. Freshen your space with a beautiful stone diffuser (one that doubles as a piece of décor) and essential oils that are 100% pure, vegan, and cruelty-free. Free from synthetic fragrance, sulfates, parabens, formaldehydes, phthalates, and mineral oil.
Give the gift of a clean, natural pre-workout without caffeine or stimulants. Niyama Wellness has a  delicious all-natural berry-licious pre-workout that is an energizing and alkalinizing powder you mix with cold water and drink  before a workout or for a mid-day energy boost. Formulated with antioxidants such as beetroot, and alkalizing greens such as wheatgrass, this Pre-Workout provides clean energy and focus without jitters or crashes. Mix it up with a Niyama Shaker Cup for a smooth, well mixed drink at home or on-the-go.
Take a moment to slow down to live more. Each day presents an opportunity to find delight, taking Slowlii is a small thing that you can do for yourself every day. Restore by Slowlii is not only beneficial to improve your cardiorespiratory endurance & muscle recovery rate, it also helps to regulate cortisol levels, enhance memory and cognitive function, and even enhance sexual performance health in both men and women.
SCULPT YOUR BODY, ENERGIZE YOUR LIFE. A Sculpt Body by Alessia is a workout program you’re not going to want to skip in 2023. A Sculpt Body is all about empowering women to be confident, strong, and energized. The ASB program consists of simple yet effective low-impact workouts that energize you, improve your strength and posture, and keep your stress levels regulated. Incorporate more movement in 2023 by snatching a FREE 7-DAY Trial of ASB- a program that you can easily fit into your schedule and do anytime, anywhere
Gifting Greens! Start the New Year off on a whole new level by supporting nutrients, promoting gut health, and support whole-body vitality with AG1. Containing 75 vitamins, minerals, whole-food sourced superfoods, probiotics, and adaptogens in one convenient daily serving, AG1 will having you feeling your best in 2023.
The workout gear that is made travel with! Squeeze in some more movement this New Year with Bala! We love the Bala Bangels, they can be worn on wrist or ankles for athletic, recreational, and domestic activities providing you an easy way to workout in style or incorpate more movement into your daily routine.
Happy Holidays. Happy Gifting.
 -Xo Rawcology