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Our Promise

Rawcology is dedicated to creating truly nutritious, real whole food goodness, made only with the best organic functional ingredients. We care deeply about how our products make our customers feel and their loyal trust in the level of flavour and nutrition we provide. At Rawcology, we love to delight customers with an innovative, delicious, exclusive, nutritionist formulated product that contains premium ingredients that will make them feel great about what they are eating. 

More Nutrition
More Flavour
Highest Quality

We believe in never cutting corners or taking shortcuts and never using ingredients that don’t benefit our health and the health of our famiy.

Ingredients We Don’t Use 

  • No sugar alcohols (no erythritol) that cause gut disruption and cardiovascular stress
  • No high fructose sweetening agents (no agave)
  • No natural flavours, preservatives, food additives, or saturated oils 

Ingredients We Do Use: Functional & Nutrient Dense

  • Purity Protocol Gluten Free Oats
  • Research backed probiotics
  • Certified organic raw ingredients

From our family to yours,
Real Friendly Food

Tara, Megan & Laura
Team Rawcology