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Discover Grain Free Granola & Probiotic Snacks

Hello Mint Chip!

Our Mint Chip Grain-Free Granola is back!

Whole Food Ingredients

Organic, allergy friendly, low sugar Granola Snack Bites,
Grain Free Granola and Coconut Chips that taste delicious.

Real Friendly Food

We make it easy to see, feel and taste the difference that truly healthy and delicious eating makes to your health and happiness. Let us nourish you with real ingredients so that you can take care of yourself and those you love.

Plant-Powered Fuel to Elevate Your Everyday

Premium Ingredients

Our products combine a unique blend of high quality, certified organic ingredients and superfoods, making them a delicious way to consume essential nutrients, healthy fats, fibre and protein.

Allergy Friendly

Our products are free from the most common allergens so that everyone can enjoy them regardless of dietary restrictions.

Nutrient Dense

Cooking food at high temperature can destroy its enzymes, vitamins and minerals. We dehydrate our products at low temperature to preserve their powerful nutrients.