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Berry Tasty Fruity Granola Bundle

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Berry Tasty Fruity Granola Bundle


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      Filled with the bestselling of the antioxidant rich fruit Grain Free Granolas! Bundle and save and enjoy Peach with Goji Berry, Strawberry with Beet Root and Blueberry with Acai. 

      Discover our new Peach with Goji Berry Grain Free Granola, bursting with juicy flavour and ripe with antioxidants. This keto granola is made with organic peach puree creating a vibrant peach flavour, all while being gluten-free, allergen-friendly, and infused with nutrients and antioxidant superfoods.

      Our Strawberry with Beet Root Grain Free Granola is bursting with strawberry sweetness but contains no artificial sweeteners! This is the perfect berry tasty breakfast, snack or dessert with crunch and gluten free goodness. 

      Packed with juicy blueberries, rich acai, and a hint of cinnamon, our grain-free Blueberry with Acai Gluten Free Granola is where flavour meets function. 

      Peach Ingredients: Coconut flakes*, Peach puree*, Sprouted sunflower seeds*, Sprouted pumpkin seeds*, Coconut sugar*, Virgin coconut oil*, Goji powder*, Flax seed powder*, Peach flavour extract*, Pink Himalayan salt. (*Organic).

      Strawberry Ingredients: Coconut flakes*, Strawberry puree*, Sprouted sunflower seeds*, Coconut sugar*, Sprouted pumpkin seeds*, Virgin coconut oil*, Beet root powder*, Flax seed powder*, Pink Himalayan salt. (*Organic). 

      Blueberry Ingredients: Coconut flakes*, Sprouted sunflower seeds*, Coconut sugar*, Sprouted pumpkin seeds*, Sprouted flax seed powder*, Dried wild blueberry powder (unsweetened)*, Virgin coconut oil*, Fresh lemon juice*, Acai freeze dried powder*, Ground cinnamon*, Pink Himalayan salt. (*Organic). 

      Rawcology’s allergen free guarantee: Always organic, our products are manufactured in our dedicated facility free from the top eleven allergens, including peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, milk, eggs, gluten, mustard, crustaceans, fish, soy, and sulphites.

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