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A Note From Our Founder on the Power of Plant-Based Foods

Rawcology Inc | A Note From Our Founder on the Power of Plant-Based Foods

The Power of Plant-Based Foods 

Tara here, Founder of Rawcology! Sometimes following a healthy lifestyle looks like eating salad like this 👆, other times it looks like indulging in a decadent (refined sugar free) dessert. I started Rawcology because I wanted to inspire others to eat + cook nourishing, whole foods. 🌱


Finding Relief from Anxiety

Years ago as a young twenty-something trying to navigate living a purposeful life, I struggled with my mental health + intense feelings of fear, anxiety + fatigue dominated. Taking cooking courses became a creative outlet for me at this time + soon blossomed into a passion of mine. As I began the process to heal myself holistically, I became increasingly curious about nutrition, healing foods + changed my diet by eliminating white sugar (+ reducing sugar consumption in general), along with processed foods. These changes, as well as eating more nourishing foods, + having an outlet like cooking to appreciate the beauty in whole foods, altered my life. I changed career paths, went to holistic nutrition school, became a certified raw food chef + initially started Rawcology by leading nutrition + cooking workshops. It led to a job developing cooking courses at George Brown’s Culinary School but ultimately, I believed I could have greater personal impact in changing people’s diets by creating healthier packaged food products. I was frustrated with the lack of truly healthy + delicious products available + wanted to be part of the change for the better. 👊


Power of Plant-Based Foods

I believe opting for more plant-based foods has immense positive impact on climate change we all need to consider, I believe in supporting organic foods (as organic farming doesn’t use pesticides, chemicals or genetically modified seeds to grow crops), + I believe that our relationship with food can be simple when we focus on nourishing, whole foods. I hope to nourish you all for years to come + I’m excited to continue coming up with innovative products that are plant-based, certified organic, low sugar, allergen friendly + made with whole food ingredients. Help a sister out + let me know what other products you would like to see from us? If you love our products, please share on social media and write purchase reviews! We are so grateful for your support!  💚 xo Tara

Rawcology Inc | A Note From Our Founder on the Power of Plant-Based Foods