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Earth Month: 10 ways to protect Mother Earth

It’s Earth Month! Thanks to Mother Earth, we can celebrate and thank our planet for providing us with all life’s necessities, including the nourishing food we eat. 

At Rawcology, we are committed to making sure that our products are good for everyone's bodies and that our manufacturing, sourcing and operations are good for the planet.

Ways Rawcology is making a difference:

🌍We have select Bulk Bags as a more sustainable way for our incredible customers to 'Sustainably Stock Up'!

🌍We've taken the delicious Crumbs from our Oat Clusters, these are smaller pieces that wont go to retail but are equally tasty, and we packed them in bulk bags! These are little morsels perfect for sprinkling on everything!

🌍We’re reducing out carbon footprint by using packaging that’s recyclable

Whether it's using more sustainable products, reducing our carbon footprint,  or creating less waste, we believe small changes add up to a positive impact for the environment, which is why we want to encourage everyone to put our planet first.


10 simple things you can do to help Mother Earth: 

🌿Plant more plants and grow your own food

🌿Resist fast fashion, shop sustainable materials or secondhand

🌿Improve your local habitat with pollinator friendly plants.

🌿Upcycle. Give an old item new life!

🌿Walk when you can

🌿Eat sustainable foods

🌿Buy less plastic and use a reusable bag

🌿Choose non-toxic household chemicals

🌿Recycle waste

🌿Use your voice. Speaking up is one of the ways to create change. 


Check out our Earth inspired Raw Creamsicle Kiwi Citrus Bars as a bonus way to celebrate Mother Earth.