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Foods to Cook With This December

Foods to Cook With This December


December snuck up on us! But we are ready to get this month underway with the best of the stewing, baking, eating and enjoying ahead!


This month these are the gorgeous picks for produce this month, why and how to enjoy them:


🧡Persimmons are an excellent source of antioxidants that fight against free radical damage. This fruit is also high in fiber, Vitamin A, C and B6 to support heart, vision and kidney health. These unsuspecting orange morsels also pack a unique tart flavour punch. We love to mix up our smoothie bowls with them, or top on any chocolate-based desserts.


🍊Tangerines are a high source of fiber that help aid digestion and can assist in managing blood sugar levels. We love adding them to warm kale salads, adding into smoothies or out ultimate making tangerine cacao freezer fudge, the best!


💚Cabbages are part of the cruciferous family making them very rich in vitamins and minerals especially folate and Vitamin K lowering inflammation. They are also rich in fiber and we know that makes all the difference for happy guts. Cabbage can be enjoyed in slaws, made into baked rolls or shredded and added to mixed vegetable soup or stew.


🌱Leeks are a source of prebiotics and a serious BFF of happy gut microbiomes. They also contain iron and manganese that help support nerve function. We love these made into a pasta sauce, in dairy free scalloped potatoes or in creamy soups.


⭐️Winter Squash are an excellent source of alpha and beta carotene which converts to Vitamin A and supports vision, skin, the immune system, bones, reproduction system and supports the health of your heart, kidneys and lungs. Pretty much a superstar to work into your meals as much as possible. We love squash in our stews and soups or simply roasted with salt, pepper and cinnamon.