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Fresh Veggie-Packed Recipes

Your next veggie-packed meal inspo is just one click away. We're celebrating Fresh Veggie Day with our favourite recipes that are bursting with rainbow goodness.  The more variation of color on your plate, the more nutrients there is to keep you healthy, protect against diseases, and help to boost your immune system 

The veggies are the star of the show in these recipes! 

Simple Herb Tomato and Olive Summer Salad

When local tomatoes are in season, and so juicy and flavourful, a simple salad like this is exactly what we’re craving. 😍🍅 Get out the good olive oil, some fresh basil, arugula and enjoy! 🌿

Fancy Roasted Potato Spring Salad

This really isn’t “fancy” per say, but the taste of this delicious mix of asparagus, roasted potatoes, Kale Walnut Pesto and fresh dill is beyond any ol’ potato salad. Add the gorgeous and crunchy watermelon radishes and we are certain this dish is worthy of the Fancy title even if it’s very low maintenance to make. Top with Rawcology Rockin’ Ranch Superfood Coconut Chips for some extra crunch and this dish is a great dinner or side for spring.

Radish & Apple Chickpea Cucumber Salad

his heat wave has us craving a super fresh, crunchy, crisp salad that fuels our action-packed days. This salad works perfectly as an easy lunch for the whole family or a larger group if you have a socially distanced “bubble” BBQ planned during these warm weather weekends. Put this salad as a go-to on the top of the list!

Plant Protein Radicchio Cups

Try these fresh and delicious Plant Protein Radicchio Cups with chickpea “mock tuna”, beet hummus and tahini dressing for dinner tonight!

Strawberry Salad

Even if the weather is giving us all sorts of mixed messages, we're still berry excited about this Strawberry Salad! 🍓⁠ ⁠Mixing that crunch and sweetness with some tart radish along with roasted tofu for protein to make a salad that feeds like a whole meal. 🥗⁠ ⁠

Spring Remix Avocado Toast

We love avocados and love an avocado toast day. Is there anything more satisfying than that perfectly ripe avocado and mixing it with a crunchy bread and some savoury salty crunchy goodness? We love the addition here of watermelon radish, dill fronds, a light sprinkling of chili flakes and a hit of Rockin' Ranch Coconut Chips