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Healthy Meal Prep Essentials to Keep You Fueled All Week

Are you always in a rush and grabbing whatever you can to snack on during the day? If so, meal prep is your answer. It will not only set the tone for the week ahead, but it will also ensure that you have healthy, nutritious, and tasty options ready for you every day. 

Power up your week with our #HealthyMealPrep essentials! From energizing breakfasts to nourishing snacks and hearty meals, planning ahead ensures you're fueled and ready to conquer each day. Scroll to see our top breakfast, snack, and meal options. 

Bonus: Our Grain Free Granola and Snacks are your perfect grab-and-go companions— a great snack to keep that blood sugar balanced and energy levels boosted.  


Meal Prep Snack Ideas

Having meal-prepped snacks on hand is a game-changer. You can tailor your snacks to fit your dietary needs, ensuring you always know what you're eating. Boost your energy levels without the sugary crashes.  Here's to tasty, easy, and feel-good snacks! 

Pumpkin Chocolate Granola Bars

Walnut Oatmeal Cookies

Chickpea Chocolate Blondies

Strawberry Energy Balls


Breakfast Meal Prep

Having a meal-prepped breakfast on hand is the perfect strategy to consistently kickstart your day right. Meal prepping ensures you're not skipping breakfast, which is vital for replenishing energy, boosting metabolism, focus, and mood. Here are our favourite go-to breakfast recipes that you can make ahead of time.

Oat Banana Bake

Peach Baked Oats

Blueberry Mushroom Muffins 

Banana Snickers Overnight Oats

Grab-and-go Lunches and Dinners

Check out our favourite of meal prep recipes. With these meals waiting in your fridge, daily nourishment becomes a breeze. No more last-minute takeouts; instead, enjoy wholesome, homemade dishes that promise both taste and nutrition. Double up on the recipes to ensure you have tasty meals all week long. 

Chickpea Bok Choy Coconut Curry 

White Bean Cabbage Soup 

Pasta Salad

Lime Cauliflower Rice

Protein Packed Broccoli Salad


Happy Meal-Prepping,

xo Team Rawcology