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Our Hopes For The Next Generation Of Women 


 As an all female team, we are proud of the change and example we're setting for the next generation of women. You CAN do it. You CAN do the thing that is on your heart and live into your purpose with confidence. There are still inequalities in this world, there are still roadblocks and glass ceilings, but less than there were yesterday and more than there will be tomorrow. We celebrate the change-makers in our industry and in our generation across all platforms that are moving the needle forward with strength and resolve. We are all paving a path for our daughters that will be brighter. 

Our team shares their advice and hopes for the next generation of strong women that will change the world.



 What piece of advice would you give the next generation of women?

To trust themselves, trust their power and not worry about what people think or society's expectations of what you "should be doing when". I hope they can fully feel the confidence of their abilities and dare to go after their dreams.
- Megan Loach Tomulka, Partner & Head of Brand 
My piece of advice to the next generation of women is to live life being your true authentic self. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You just need to accept yourself.
- Margo, Production Lead
Everything always seems impossible until it’s done but if we break down our goals into key actionable steps and have faith, resilience, and grit, I know all women can achieve their greatest hopes and desires.
- Tara Tomulka, Founder & CEO
To be yourself, don’t let anyone put you down or make you think you can’t succeed in life. Also; to love all of yourself, Society doesn’t define how you should look and feel.
- Alessia, Production Associate 
Try everything that life has to offer, and even if you fail there is a lesson to be learned. But if you don’t try out of fear, you won’t find success. 
- Laura Powadiuk, Partner & Sales 


What are your hopes for the next generation of women?

My greatest hope for the next generation of women is to release fear, doubt and to always believe in yourself.
- Tara Tomulka, Founder & CEO
My hopes for the next generation of women is being present. It is a gift that you give to yourself and others.
- Margo, Production Lead
To be kind, loving and open hearted; as well as to support all women so we can become even more successful in life.
- Alessia, Production Associate  
I hope the next generation takes risks, is bold in their actions, and always strives to be the best version of themselves.
- Laura Powadiuk, Partner & Sales 
I hope that the standard of equality has continued to more forward, that there are societal shifts and that pay equity and gender inclusiveness are the norm and not the exception. I hope that the women of the next generation feel even more empowered to conquer their goals and strive for equality in every aspect of their lives.
- Megan Loach Tomuka, Partner & Head of Brand 

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