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Let's end the stigma around Mental Health

#BellLetsTalk end the stigma

'Hey, how are you? Are you okay?' ⁠

Today let's shine a light on the collective importance of mental health. These four words are going to come up a lot but it's true 'Now More Than Ever". Because right now there is an unprecedented amount of stress, economic stress, family stress, uncertainty, isolation, and more. ⁠

It. Is. A. Lot. ⁠

It's a lot for a person who is generally self aware and has solid coping skills. Now think of the person who under "normal" circumstances suffers from depression, anxiety, addiction, and more. It matters for our community to come together, reduce the stigma of mental health so those who need support are not fearful or shamed in responding 'No, I am not doing well. I need help.' ⁠

Then, let's make that help and support abundant, easy to get, easy to find and there for everyone who needs it. ⁠

Resources linked in below and ways that we can all support mental health in our communities today, now more than ever. ⁠


DONATE to Center for Addiction and Mental Health 

GET HELP Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-833-456-4566

KIDS HELP PHONE connect via text, messenger, phone, live online chat. Also includes a "Resources Around Me" 

MOVE TO FEEL WELL Canadian Mental Health Association movement article and the difference between mental illness and mental health