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Pasta Ingredients We're Using This Month

Rawcology Inc | Pasta Ingredients We're Using This MonthHello March! We’re SO happy to see you! ☀

This month we are transitioning from our soups and stews and rekindling our friendship with pasta! There are so many great gluten free noodle options available now including lentil or chickpea noodles, durum noodles made with spinach or zucchini, the spiralized noodle or spaghetti squash that everyone can participate in this love affair.

Check out the ingredients we’re cooking in our pasta dishes this month as we get closer to that glorious Spring season!

🌱 Leeks are a source of prebiotics and a serious BFF of happy gut microbiomes. They also contain iron and manganese which helps support cognitive nerve function. We love these sauteed and blended into creamy pasta sauces with coconut milk or cashew cream.

🍅 Tomatoes are a rich source of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant, as well as being a great source of vitamin C, potassium, vitamin K and B9 folate. We love a fresh spring tomato pasta sauce with lightly cooked cherry tomatoes, olive oil and lots of fresh basil!

🧅 Onions have antioxidant properties and sulfur containing compounds that can help lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation. Onions are a great base for most pasta dishes adding deep layered flavours. We sauté them first for the base of all of our sauces!

🍄 Mighty mushrooms are immunity boosters, rich in B vitamins and have anti-inflammatory properties, including selenium. One of our favourite pasta recipes is a creamy sage and truffle mushroom lasagne.

🧡The sweet potato is a powerhouse nutrient rich vegetable with Vitamin A, C, fiber, potassium, and beta carotene. They are delicious simply roasted and pureed into sauces with garlic, olive oil and fresh herbs for a deliciously creamy, nutrient dense meal.

⭐️ Squash is an excellent source of alpha and beta carotene which converts to Vitamin A and supports vision, skin, the immune system, heart health, kidneys and lungs. It's pretty much a superstar to work into your meals as much as possible. We love a creamy tofu ricotta Butternut Squash Stuffed pasta recipe. Find the recipe on our blog and linked in bio 😉

Happy March everyone, here’s to Spring on the horizon!