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Banana Chocolate Granola Bites 

Banana Chocolate Granola Bites

Morning or Afternoon Treat: Banana Chocolate Granola Breakfast Bites! ⁠

It's Banana Granola. It's Chocolate. It's about 20 minutes, a whole lot of yum and nutritious with the power of coconut, cacao, hemp seeds and oats!⁠

Don't over think it, just enjoy! ⁠💜⁠

Ingredients ⁠
✨ 1 cup Rawcology Banana Grain Free Granola divided⁠
✨ 1/2 cup desiccated coconut ⁠
✨ 1 cup oats⁠
✨ 1 cup peanut butter⁠
✨ 6 dates (soaked in hot water for 15 minutes)⁠
✨ 1/4 cup liquid sweetener of choice⁠
✨ 1 tsp vanilla⁠
✨ 1/8 cup hemp seeds⁠
✨ 1/4 cup cacao nibs⁠
✨ 1 tsp cinnamon⁠
✨ 1/4 tsp salt⁠

1. Drain dates and remove pits. ⁠
2. Place Banana Granola into food processor and pulse until ground. ⁠Remove approx. 1/2 cup granola from the food processor and set aside. ⁠
3. Add all other ingredients into food processor and pulse to combine. Texture should hold together when pinched. If too dry, add 1 tbsp of water and pulse again. ⁠
4. Roll into balls and coat with remaining ground Banana Granola and enjoy! 🥰

Rawcology Banana Chocolate Granola Bites