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Inspired By... Meet Natacha Rey, Founder of Lemon Aide

Natacha Rey Founder of Lemon Aide 

Just in time for spring cleaning! 

We were pleased to be introduced to Natacha, the Founder Formulator and President of Lemon Aide and Maison Apothecare earlier this year when both of our products were featured in an International Women's Day box featuring female founded businesses for Sobeys' "Fab Female Local Box".

Our Founder Tara loved the Lemon Aide products and Natacha's story. We're excited to be offering a limited time gift with purchase featuring their best selling all natural All Surface Cleaner - Lemon & Lavender

We believe in using organic, premium natural ingredients which is essential in our business when manufacturing our organic, low sugar, gluten free, allergen friendly grain free granolas and coconut chips. We love that Lemon Aide's products are all natural, non toxic, safe for the entire family and scented with pure natural essential oils.

Learn more about Natacha below and get your free full size All Surface Cleaner while quantities last!

What inspired you to start your business?

Growing up I always had sensitive skin, I reacted to regular off the shelf products so my mom would often use basic ingredients from our pantry such as olive oil or yogurt. I loved mixing and blending natural ingredients with her which always felt so soothing. My experience as a child ignited a passion for chemistry using natural ingredients which I eventually studied. After having my daughter, who began having bouts of eczema, I became determined to produce the highest quality, most effective, genuinely natural products for families. My product line began with Sleepy Owl then Maison Apothecare and finally Lemon Aide Cleaning. I love creating products, inspired by my loved ones, and enjoy every aspect of the process from research to formulation to packaging design.  Most of all I am so honoured to be helping people from all walks of life with my products that heal, soothe and comfort.

What are the top three things people might not know about standard household cleaning ingredients that you think they should?

a) The products you clean with enter your bloodstream whether through breathing it in, topically through skin or ingestion through kitchen surfaces

b) Most standard cleaning products contain ingredients that are harmful for pets, kids and the planet and

c) There are genuinely natural products that clean just as well if not better than chemical cleaners

How are your products different and why?

Most people see cleaning as a chore, even more so during this pandemic, but our Lemon Aide Cleaning line promises a cleaning experience like no other.  Many of our customers tell us that Lemon Aide has completely changed how they feel about cleaning. Not only does Lemon Aide provide a gleaming surface but most people tell us that it's the aroma of Lemon Aide that makes them feel happy.   

What is your most important "sacred" part of the day routine and what does it involve to keep you feeling your best?

This will probably not come as a surprise but the ritual of cleaning my home with a product that contains pure essential oils feel therapeutic and allows me to be in the moment and connect with gratitude for my family and my home.

The last year has had a lot of ups and downs, what is keeping you positive and inspired in your personal life and in business?

While the pandemic has caused a lot of suffering, I’ve been completely heart-warmed by the sense of community and care that people have shown one another.  What has been wonderful for me personally has been watching the bond strengthen between my 2 children during this time.  This time like no other has presented opportunities to be still, self-discover and bond with our loved ones. 

Is there any new products or exciting news you might have coming up that we can share?

At Maison Apothecare and Lemon Aide we are always very busy innovating our next product.  Follow us on Instagram for some exciting new products that are sure to bring health and happiness to your home. 😊

Lemon Aide Natural Organic All Surface Cleaner

All Surface Cleaner - Lemon & Lavender. Lemon Aide's best selling Surface Cleaner contains a powerful blend of natural ingredients and pure essential oils of lemon and lavender that can clean every surface in your home safely and effectively. The preservative-free formula works to dissolve dirt, grease, grime and food for easy deep cleaning of surfaces throughout your home.  Safe for every member in your family, including your four-legged friends. Ammonia free and non-toxic.