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Inspired By... Meredith Youngson, Founder Lake & Oak Tea Co. 

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We had the chance to chat with Meredith Youngson, Founder of Lake and Oak Tea Co. about what inspires her, why she started L&O and why this new product launch is so exciting! 


  1. What inspired you to start Lake & Oak? 
In my mid-twenties I was managing symptoms of anxiety and depression for the first time and looking for a natural remedy. As a nutritionist and foodie, I took to the kitchen to create something that was both delicious and functional for the mind and body. That’s when I created our first herbal blend - Ashwagandha + Chill. The dream was to create a tea line that was fun to drink, beautiful, effective, and flavour packed. 
  1. What are the top three things’ people might not know about the power of tea and dried herbs and flowers that you think they should? 
  • Get creative: Tea doesn't have to be a snooze! I love to add fresh herbs or fruits to my brew like mint, lemon or seasonal fruits. Channel your inner barista and create your signature latte - I love adding frothed oat milk, CBD, and raw turmeric honey to my afternoon tea. 
  • Try different brewing methods: If hot tea isn’t your thing but you still want to enjoy the benefits of herbs, try cold-brewing the tea (steeping in the fridge overnight). I like to keep a big pitcher of cold-brewed tea in my fridge and add it to soda water, cocktails, or anytime I need a boost of hydration.

  • Create a ritual: Get more out of your tea time by creating space to wind down and practice mindfulness. First thing in the morning, or before bed is a great time to carve out for this. 

    1. Our health and immune system have never been more top of mind and we’re heading into the Fall season of coughs and colds, what should we know about how to support our immune systems with superfood teas?
    Superfood Teas can be an easy and tasty way to sneak extra immune-boosting herbs, fruits and spices into your diet. Our Sun Mylk turmeric latte for example is a dessert-like treat for many (especially when combined with hot milk and honey) but packs a serious punch of anti-inflammatory spices like turmeric, ginger and cinnamon. I strive to create healthy rituals that feel like a treat too. 
    1. We love adding Gut Love into our evening routine, what’s your personal “sacred” routine time and what does it look like?
    My morning routine sets the tone for my day - and life! I start my ritual outside, with silent time and deep breathing. Next, I journal dreams, gratitude and affirmations (and let’s be honest, a to-do list for the day). I will sip a “bulletproof” Mega Matcha or coffee, and read before getting mentally prepared for some exercise! 
    1. The last year has had a lot of ups and downs, what is keeping you positive and inspired in your personal life and in business? 
    Other women in business and wellness continuously keep me inspired - like the Rawcology team! While many doors have sadly shuttered, I have also witnessed so much growth and resilience from my fellow women-owned businesses. From the hair salons reopening after being closed for several months, to the restaurants pivoting to grocery, it reminds me that slowing down does not mean stopping. 
    On a personal level, I spend lots of time reading, listening to, and writing positive content to keep my mental wellness in good shape. 
    1. Are there any new products or exciting news you might have coming up that we can share?
    Yes! Finally, after 2 years in the making, our new Plant-Based Pyramid Tea Bags are available in 6 of our Superfood Tea Blends! 
    We are SO excited to offer a more convenient, fuss-free way to enjoy our tea blends. These compostable pyramid bags create the perfect cup of tea, and make enjoying the benefits of superfoods easy. 

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