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Inspired By Stella Speigel, Founder Stellareats 

Rawcology Interview with Stella from Stellareats

We love sharing products that we love with our community! We're excited to chat with Stella Speigel, Founder of Stellar Eats Grain Free Baking Mixes, about what inspires her, why she started her business and what's next! Get two of the delicious baking mixes as a free gift on now while quantities last! 


1. What inspired you to start your business? 


I am passionate about helping people build confidence in the kitchen. From a young age, I struggled with disordered eating and so it’s my goal to change the way “health food” brands talk to us about diets. I want eating nourishing foods to feel like a positive thing, not something we should be guilted into.

I also don’t believe that choosing healthy foods should mean restricting the things you love. I think healthy eating should be easy, enjoyable, and empowering. Stellar Eats was born because I want you to enjoy your favourite foods like pizza, cookies, cakes, and brownies made with real-food ingredients that your body will thrive on. I think people might be surprised at how many fillers/chemicals/gums get used to achieve the texture. Our mixes contain only 8 or less simple ingredients (that you can actually pronounce!) We wanted our mixes to use only ingredients that you would want in your home kitchen. We don’t use any chemicals, preservatives, or fillers/gums - the texture of our mixes comes 100% from almonds, coconuts, cassava and flaxseeds! 


3. How are your products different and why?
First, we think healthy eating should be easy, enjoyable and empowering. Our mixes are formulated to maximize nutritional punch using minimal ingredients that your body will love. Most importantly, they taste decadently delicious. We want you to feel inspired in the kitchen and experience healthy eating that tastes stellar.

The other reason I think we are different is that we really respect our customers and value that they trust us by letting us into their kitchens and help them feed their families. This is not a relationship we take lightly - We don’t believe that choosing healthy foods should mean restricting the things you love. We’re done with brands that try to make us feel insecure so we’ll buy into their diets. We’d rather recount fond memories with food than calories :)

4. What is your most important "sacred" part of the day routine and what does it involve to keep you feeling your best? 


My morning coffee date with my fiancé and our cute puppy Stevie :) Might sound cheesy but we talk for about 30 minutes every morning over coffee and it really sets me up for success. It’s a nice way to set intentions for the day or hash out something that I might be struggling with.


5. The last year has had a lot of ups and downs, what is keeping you positive and inspired in your personal life and in business? 
I think we got really lucky. I feel very blessed that we were in the industry of helping others bake at home during a time when people were doing a lot of that. Hearing customer stories about how we’ve made it easier for them to feed their kids, or bring cookies to someone that was struggling - those light up my day for sure.


6. Are there any new products or exciting news you might have coming up that we can share? How can our community keep in touch and follow along!
Absolutely! I am so excited about what this next year has in store for Stellar Eats. I’ll give you a hint: it involves a lot more stores across the USA and Canada and we’re bringing back a seasonal favourite in October! You can follow along at @stellar.eats on Instagram or sign up for our newsletter at