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Kickstart Your Spring Nutrition

Kick Start Your Healthy Spring Nutrition

Spring Equinox is right around the corner, March 20th if you weren't watching the clock like us! We'll be springing our clocks forward this Saturday meaning we are getting closer to glorious Spring with warmer weather! We are looking for way to bring in keto healthy snacks, natural sugar alternatives and low sugar treats, and get a fresh take on our recipes, smoothies and ingredients! 

As we inch closer to the warmer season, we're diving into our top tips for kickstarting some spring nutrition without guilt or negatively labelling any of our winter comfort delights! These are our top five tips for what we intuitively crave and are transitioning into our recipes this season. 

1. Making small fresh shifts in our meals: We are starting to swap out are heavier stews for lighter soups, pastas and vegetable one pan dinners that include apple, fennel, leeks, fresh ginger and lemon zest.

2. Vibrant Powder Booster Breakfasts: Eating visually appealing and vibrant meals just makes us feel good and adding some bursts of colour puts that extra Spring in our step. Add superfood powders to up the nutrient content of your breakfast smoothies and add invigorating colour, all from the power of plants! Think pink antioxidant beet powder, green alkalizing spirulina, energizing matcha, and golden anti-inflammatory turmeric. This is a great fun way to get kids excited about healthy breakfasts and they can also work as a great post school healthy snack. Some of our favourites are linked here:


Blume Beetroot Powder 

Organika Organic Spirulina 

Lemon Lily Organic Ceremonial Matcha  

My Shot of Gold Organic Turmeric Blends

3. Screaming for that Nice Cream! We go off the cold dessert in the winter a bit and have been really giving our oven a workout. Now we're ready to get blending making all of the low sugar, refined sugar free Nice Creams with the best frozen banana base. Two of our favourite flavours are up on the blog, Peppermint Nice Cream and Purple Sweet Potato.

4. Get in Extra Greens: Crisp, crunchy, and full of freshness! In the cooler months we switch up the salads with heaps of roasted veg, but now we are getting the urge to shift to all the cool kale, crisp cucumber, and snap pea splendour. 

5. Evict the Refined Sugars Hiding in the Pantry: It's so easy to let those holiday treats stick around for a few weeks...or months.  Slowly our cupboards can fill up with hidden sugars that aren't doing us any favours. In fact, there are many studies, including the American Dietary Guidelines, showing that added sugars are detrimental to our health. Health Canada identifies that increased sugar intake can lead to type 2 diabetes, some forms of cancer and cardiovascular disease. 

Take a quick read through the ingredients of the items in your cupboards and evict anything that has white sugar, fructose, sucrose, corn syrup, dextrose, maltodextrin and rice syrup. Instead, replace them with products that are just as satisfying but contain natural sugars like organic coconut sugar, dates, bananas, and coconut nectar. Feel good that everything you find here at Rawcology is only sweetened with organic, natural sugars and we have options that have no added sugars, too! 

Real Friendly Food. 

Springtime officially can't come soon enough!