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Sunshine Freezer Fudge 

Low Sugar Sunshine Freeze Fudge Plant Based


The sun is shining and we're stocking our freezers with these happy bites of plant based, gluten free, low sugar, turmeric bliss! These are a sweet treat that are delightfully delicious and super nutrient dense. ⁠We love them topped with our Rawcology Matcha Latte Coconut Chips for an extra nutrient crunch. 
  •  Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant rich and a powerful mood booster, yahoo!⁠
  •  Beet root is a source of fibre, folate and manganese, yes please! ⁠
  •  Coconut milk is full of energy boosting electrolytes and healthy digestive fats, fact!⁠
  •  Matcha is a powerhouse of natural antioxidants to boost the brain and protect the liver, and it delivers! ⁠
Ingredients ⁠
  •  1 can coconut milk full fat, pre blended and divided⁠

Pink Layer⁠
  •  1 cup frozen strawberries⁠
  •  1/4 cup tahini⁠
  •  2 tbsp maple syrup⁠
  •  1/2 tsp vanilla⁠
  •  1/2 can coconut milk⁠
  •  1 tsp beet root powder⁠

Yellow Layer⁠
  1. Place coconut milk in a blender and pulse to combine. Divide the milk evenly. ⁠
  2.  Add all the pink layer Ingredients into the blender and blend to combine scraping down sides as needed. Divide the pink layer filling into 8 silicone muffin cups. 
  3.  Place muffin cups onto a baking sheet and place in the freezer while you make the second layer.⁠
  4.  Rinse out the blender and add all the ingredients for the yellow layer. Blend to combine scraping down sides as needed. Pour yellow layer on top of pink layer and place back in freezer for 30 minutes. ⁠
  5. Remove from freezer and crumble Matcha Latte Coconut Chips on top of barely set fudge. Place back in the freezer until ready to eat! Enjoy! ☀️
Low Sugar Sunshine Freeze Fudge Plant Based