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Vitamin C Spotlight

 This essential vitamin is know for protecting our cells, strengthening our immune systems, increasing blood flow and powering the health of our hair, skin and nails. ⁠

Surprise surprise, it's not all about oranges! Check out these powerhouse plants that pack a higher Vitamin C ratio for mg per cup than oranges! ⁠


⁠ ✨ Pineapple 78 mg/cup: enjoy in your smoothies, fruit bowls, or as a sweet dinner salsa ⁠

✨ Kiwis 164 mg/cup: perfect smoothie topper or used in frozen desserts⁠

✨ Strawberries 85 mg/cup: hello strawberry filled salads, popsicles, and cheezecakes ⁠

✨ Kale 80 mg/cup: roasted kale salad, hidden in smoothies and blended into soups ⁠

✨ Yellow Bell Peppers 341 mg/cup: enjoy raw with hummus, on the BBQ, sauté for veggie fajitas ⁠

✨ Broccoli 80 mg/cup: perfect for a crunchy broccoli summer slaw, mixed into a tofu scramble, and simply steamed as a super nutrient dense dinner side⁠