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Ways We Manage Stress 

Ways We Manage Stress Chocolate Granola in Bed

The beginning of May marked Mental Health Week and we've been talking as a Team about how we manage stress. The last year has put extra strain on our mental health and in doing so has shone a light on the importance of investing time and energy into rituals, activities and moments that take care of our minds.

Below some of Team Rawcology shares what they do to manage stress:


Alessia, Food Production Associate - "Most of us struggle with managing day-to-day stress. One of the main stress relievers that balances my lifestyle is yoga. It helps me relax and release any tension that blocks my mental rhythm."


Margo, Food Production Team Lead - "When stress becomes overwhelming, or it's chronic, it can take a huge toll on your well-being. A few ways I find that are helpful to manage my stress are going for nice long walks in nature, aromatherapy, eating a mostly plant based diet, prayer and simply talking to a friend or a family member."


Helly, Food Production Associate - "Reaching for my bike has become a habitual and daily occurrence in my life for a number of years. Biking and other forms of fitness ensure I am mentally refreshed. The release of endorphins and positive energy gained are consistently a driving force in shaking off any stress or anxiety I may feel and achieving personal workout goals are an added bonus!"


Megan, Head of Brand - "When stress starts getting out of control I try and come back to a "tool kit" of sorts to help reframe and calm an anxious mind. This includes movement, meditation and hot/cold exposure. There have been numerous studies surrounding exercise as a key factor in altering your mood, whether its a 30 minute run or standing up from my desk and doing 15 jumping jacks that can make all the difference. Using a mediation app for a short mind shift is also very helpful and when I'm really in the thick of it taking a hot bath or a cold shower helps to relieve the tension."


Tara, Founder & CEO - "Having a consistent morning routine in which I carve out quiet time to ease into the day makes a world of a difference when it comes to helping me manage stress. This quiet time includes a 10 minute morning meditation session through the Calm app. I do it while sitting on the couch, with my dog cuddled up beside me and my warm coffee in hand for extra comfort. Having this routine helps clear my thoughts, check in with myself on how I’m feeling and helps relieve any stress or anxiety."