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October is Pumpkin Month! 🧡

This is the time of year we love to get Pump-Crazed? Pumpkined-Up? PumpKrazy? 😜

Although we do know there are many other very delicious and nutritious foods we’re cooking with this month. Read below for the rainbow of flavours and ways to enjoy them. We love Pumpktober…yikes...October! 😍

🍐Pears contain soluble fibre called pectin, which helps promote a healthy gut microbiome. We love including sliced pears in a leafy green salad, baking them into muffins, poaching for dessert or including in our smoothies.

💓Cranberries are known to help prevent UTIs due to their high level of antioxidant properties, especially the antioxidant proanthocyanidins, which help prevent bacteria in the urinary tract. You can’t go wrong with some straight up cranberry juice! We also like to include these into baked dark chocolate brownies or mixed into a festive sparkling fruit mocktail.

🧡Pumpkin! Move over carrots, pumpkins are one of the best sources of beta carotene, a powerful antioxidant which the body converts into vitamin A. Pumpkin chocolate cookies, roasted with root vegetables, or made into soups and let’s not forget about PIE.

💛Squash is a wonderful non-starchy vegetable which can help maintain blood sugar levels and prevent insulin spikes. Squash is a wonderful Fall vegetable that is delicious when roasted with a touch of maple syrup, can be made into waffles or squash pancakes, and is our favourite cold weather soup.

🥦Broccoli is the mighty cruciferous vegetable loaded with vitamins and minerals. It contains calcium, vitamin K which is known to prevent bone loss, and supports collagen production. We love it simply steamed, in soups, or warm salads with cranberries and kale.

💚Cauliflower is high in both fibre and water content, making it a great source to prevent constipation. It's also packed with vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium and iron. We go crazy for great cauliflower recipes and love our Lemon Cauliflower Steaks found on our blog, making them into pizza crust, soup, rice or Cauliflower Buffalo Wings!