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Fall Recipe Round Up 

 Fall Recipe Round Up plant based desserts smoothie salads plant based gluten free recipes


September 22nd is the First Day of Fall! As much as we love all the glorious summer recipes we are ready for a change in season, shift in our ingredients and some new flavours! Below we pulled together a list of our favourite "bridge" recipes to get through this transition where we want all the cozy spices but the weather hasn't fully cooled down. 

Check out the recipes below and also our post on Foods to Cook with in September for more nutrition tips and inspiration! 


Fig, Plum and Kale Salad  

Fig Kale and Plum Salad Recipe Plant Based Gluten Free Fall Recipes

There is something comforting about this time when we shift into a crisper morning and add some warming spices and flavours on our plates. We're not totally done with those hot days, but we are starting to lean into the cozy welcome Fall feels. ⁠

This Fig, Plum and Kale Salad is a perfect "bridge" dish, light enough for a warm summer night eating al fresco. ⁠

If you want to make the recipe a heartier addition to dinner, and still keep it plant based, you can add walnuts, avocado, roasted tofu, or chickpeas. 

Kale Chickpea Salad with Sun Dried Tomato Pesto 

Kale Chickpea Beet Fall Salad Gluten Free Fall Recipes Salads

File this under "amazing salads I will make over and over again"!
Sunny mild fall days call for roasted beet salads that deliver serious vegetable goodness with that rich fall flavour. This eats like a full meal with plant powered protein from chickpeas and the pesto. It's a great holiday side recipe or as a full meal on its own! 


Baked Apples 

baked apples gluten free recipes fall recipes plant based desserts snacks

Apples are an excellent source of vitamin C, pectin, and other fibers. Most of the apple’s important nutrients are held within the skin, it provides a great source of fiber and many important phytochemicals, providing health benefits to reduce the risk of major chronic diseases. Apples high fiber and antioxidant content helps digestion, detoxify the liver, regulate cholesterol levels, and can help make your immune system more resilient. Eating more apples is an easy, positive change to incorporate into your daily routine.


Butternut Squash Waffles 


butternut squash waffles breakfast recipes plant based gluten free fall recipes

They are like a warm hug on a plate and give all that indulgent weekend joy without any refined sugar. Did we mention these are filled with potassium rich, antioxidant filled, fibre and vitamin dense butternut squash?

Sign us up! Top with your favourite Rawcology Grain Free Granola for added superfood crunch.


Chai Overnight Oats

 Chai overnight oats gluten free plant based fall recipes

Comforting, soothing, and nourishing, chai spice is full of ingredients with beneficial properties. The warm spices in chai are anti-inflammatory, excellent for regulating digestive systems and keeping your gut healthy and help to protect cells from free radical damage. 


Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

 Pumpkin Pie Recipe Gluten free fall recipes plant based smoothie bowl healthy meals

Fall is in the air. Pumpkin spice and everything nice, what’s not to love? This healthy pumpkin pie smoothie recipe will be your new favourite recipe to make for fall. It’s made with vitamin A packed pumpkin, anti-inflammatory turmeric, hormone balancing maca, and few more goodies to help kickstart your morning.

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