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Rawcology News & Plant-Powered Recipes

  • Inspired By... Meredith Holbrook, Founder of Rily

    Inspired By... Meredith Holbrook, Founder of Rily

    When we connected with Meredith and the wonderful Rily team (including Carley Nadine of Truth North Wellness and a Rawkstar Ambassador) we loved hearing the very personal and inspiring story behind their recipe website. Whether it's a plant based lifestyle, looking for gluten free or dairy free recipes, addressing eczema or a more serious illness, Rily provides a guide and resource to...

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  • Stress Awareness Month

    Stress Awareness Month

    Inhale, Exhale, Pause, Unplug, Recharge, Reset. Ready. ⁠⁠When there's a lot of different balls in the air, oh and ya know, a casual pandemic / numerous lockdowns, putting a strain on our mental state, we like to come back to being consistent with how we approach our wellness holistically.

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  • Plant Based Omega 3s

    Plant Based Omega 3s

    Great news for those that don't eat fish or watched a recent documentary and are now compelled to cut down on their seafood consumption: there are many plant based sources of Omega 3s to enjoy! ⁠ We review some great plant sources for Omega 3s and some of our favourite recipes featuring those plant powered ingredients.

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  • Plant Based Meals

    Plant Based Meals

    Whether you follow a plant based diet already or are interested in incorporating more plant based meals into your diet, here is a comprehensive list of proteins followed by direct links for many of our favourite plant based, protein rich recipes. All of these recipes are also gluten free, dairy free, offer nut substitutes and are low sugar for optimal nutrition. ...

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  • Inspired By... Meet Natacha Rey, Founder of Lemon Aide

    Inspired By... Meet Natacha Rey, Founder of Lemon Aide

    We were pleased to be introduced to Natacha, the Founder Formulator and President of Lemon Aide and Maison Apothecare earlier this year when both of our products were featured in an International Women's Day box featuring female founded businesses for Sobeys' "Fab Female Local Box". Our Founder Tara loved the Lemon Aide products and Natacha's story. We're excited to be offering a limited time gift with purchase of their...

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  • Kickstart Your Spring Nutrition

    Kickstart Your Spring Nutrition

    Spring Equinox is right around the corner, March 20th if you weren't watching the clock like us! Some of us will also be springing our clocks forward this Saturday! Meaning we are getting closer to glorious Spring with warmer weather!  As we inch closer to the warmer season we're diving into our top tips for kick starting some spring nutrition...

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