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Rawcology News & Plant-Powered Recipes

  • Miso Squash Soothing Soup

    Miso Squash Soothing Soup

    A little warmth, with fermented goodness and an ‘everything that makes you feel good’ broth is just what the body needs after that first week back into the work routine. We’re also making ‘taking care of our health’ a 2021 priority and this soup is all about care.As we dip in and out of those freezing temps, this is a...

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  • White Bean Cabbage Soup

    White Bean Cabbage Soup

    Our love for soul soothing soups runs deep! 🍲This White Bean Cabbage Soup is hearty, filling, and filled with good for you nourishment. It’s the perfect cold weather meal. With our fiber rich friend Cabbage and prebiotic pal Leeks, this soup is a healer for your gut and contains iron and manganese to energize and support cognitive function 🧠BONUS, it...

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  • Mushroom Leek Risotto

    Mushroom Leek Risotto

    Creamy, dreamy, delicious Mushroom Leek Risotto, the perfect dreary day comfort! 💫This is the melt in your mouth, go in for a third helping, can’t get enough type of mushroom delight. 🍄You might want to consider doubling the recipe for guaranteed leftovers!

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  • Apple Pumpkin Soup

    Apple Pumpkin Soup

    Apple Pumpkin Soup  We are still on that pumpkin train with this incredibly warming, immunity boosting, curry spice infused bowl that will boost your spirits and your strength! It tastes really good and is darn good for you, too.

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  • Rawcology Inc | Cauliflower Crust Pizza

    Cauliflower Crust Pizza

    We look forward to simple pleasures and one of those is definitely Pizza Night! 🍕For this Saturday night pizza special we are making Cauliflower Crust Pizza, two ways. Double the good times. Enjoy a sweet sliced pear with homemade pesto and then balance with a savoury tomato, mushroom and zucchini slice. It’s all about pizza balance, right? Enjoy!

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  • Rawcology Inc | Cauliflower Soup

    Cauliflower Soup

    Did someone say Soup Season? 👋😍It’s time. We are officially in the prime-time soup zone! When the air gets chilly, sweaters come out of the drawers and soup becomes a welcome staple on the menu. Not only is soup a great way to get a load of vegetables and nutrients in but we love making large batches and freezing or...

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