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Rawcology News & Plant-Powered Recipes

  • Apple Cake

    Apple Cake

    When it's winter time we want to have all the treats on hand to enjoy when we come in from a snow filled trek outdoors. So let's have some dense and delicious plant based Apple Cake!This gluten free, plant powered recipe has all the warming spices and is the perfect pairing for a post snow outing hot bevy.

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  • Plant Based Mint Cocoa Festive Frozen Bark

    Plant Based Mint Cocoa Festive Frozen Bark

    You may already know that we love a frozen bark treat and this recipe has an especially delightful holiday spin!⁠It's minty chocolate creaminess with all the nutritional goodness of a spirulina swirl and Oat Cluster crunch!

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  • Plant Based Chocolate Cheesecake

    Plant Based Chocolate Cheesecake

    #NationalCakeDay with the best plant-based Chocolate Cheesecake you've ever had!Whether you're celebrating holidays with family or looking for a new sweet treat to have on hand this weekend, this is the recipe to make.

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  • Pumpkin Cookies

    Pumpkin Cookies

    No Thanks Spooky Sugar! We’ll have these instead! We love Halloween Treats and these refined sugar free Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies check all the boxes. Bake them up to enjoy all weekend long.Happy Halloween! BOO!

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  • Apple Cider Donuts

    Apple Cider Donuts

    Donut underestimate how good this recipe is! ⁠We're serious, these a-glazing treats will satisfy for a special occasion or to spice up any day during the week! ⁠

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  • Pumpkin Cheezecake Cups

    Pumpkin Cheezecake Cups

    A Pumpkin Cheezcake is one of our favourite holiday and seasonal desserts. It's creamy, full of all the warming spices and in these mini cups a perfect bite size portion. 

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