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Rawcology News & Plant-Powered Recipes

  • Rawcology Inc | Apricot Galette

    Apricot Galette

    Oh Hello Glorious Galettes! Delightful, light and flaky, fruity or savoury, these are a quick and easy ‘cousin of the pie’ desert that always satisfies. Here we used an easy vegan dough recipe with just SIX ingredients. Bake and revel in galette goodness!

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  • Rawcology Inc | Raspberry Granola Crumble Bars

    Raspberry Granola Crumble Bars

    Here's a weekend treat for the whole family! 🤩We love desserts that can pass as breakfast...or breakfasts that pass as desserts and these Raspberry Granola Crumble Bars are the perfect naturally sweet treat. Feel good about the addition of hemp and chia in the filling! 🌟

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  • Rawcology Inc | Pitaya Nice Cream

    Pitaya Nice Cream

    Is it breakfast? Is it dessert? Saturday calls for something special and this Pitaya Nice Cream gives you all the SWEET with a lot of SUPERFOOD. Not only does the pitaya super fruit powder make your bowl the most vibrant pink, it is packed with magnesium, zinc, potassium and fibre. Fresh ginger adds an immunity boost and maca powder provides...

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  • Rawcology Inc | Raw Creamsicle Kiwi Citrus Bars

    Raw Creamsicle Kiwi Citrus Bars

    Craving a sweet, no bake midweek treat? These Creamsicle Kiwi Citrus Bars hit the spot. We love the crunch that adding our Granola to the crust gives to this dairy free, low sugar dessert. A great weekend treat or if you’re needing a little midweek pick me up, this is it! 😋

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  • Rawcology Inc | Keto Avocado Pops

    Keto Avocado Pops

    Embrace the summer heat with our Keto Avocado Pops. The combination of plant-based ingredients creates the smooth texture of a creamsicle, while being a delicious, homemade keto-friendly snack (rich in healthy fats, fiber, and protein)! The Rawcology Chocolate with Raw Cacao Raw Crunch Granola dipped tips give these pops the perfect nut-free crunchy topper, so everyone can enjoy this warm weather, seasonally-inspired...

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  • Rawcology Inc | Mini Cherry Cheesecake

    Mini Cherry Cheesecake

    Ready for cherry season with these plant-based Mini Cherry Cheesecakes Cherry season is the best – not only are cherries bursting with antioxidants but they are packed with fibre, vitamin A, potassium, calcium and folic acid. We’ve worked in our Chocolate with Raw Cacao Grain Free Granola into the top layer of this recipe adding a superfood crunch. These mini cheesecakes...

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