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Rawcology News & Plant-Powered Recipes

  • Lemon Cream Tarts

    Lemon Cream Tarts

    Instead of focussing on who might not be at the table, we're going all out for what is ON the table. These Lemon Cream Tarts are getting us zested with excitement! ⁠Creamy, lemony, tarty goodness that can be made and dropped off, eaten all at once, or get a shake of some extra granola on top and call it breakfast,...

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  • Matzo Lasagna Pie

    Matzo Lasagna Pie

    Happy Passover, friends! ✨This creamy loaded vegan Matzo Lasagna Pie tastes as good as it looks. Made with cauliflower, potatoes, raw cashews and gluten free matzo crackers. 🌱

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  • Perfectly Pink Strawberry Mousse

    Perfectly Pink Strawberry Mousse

    Do people "celebrate" Daylight Savings Time? ⁠ Well, we are. 🤩⁠⁠ It's sort of a thing, right? Although when the clocks spring forward we lose an hour of sleep, it's a welcome signal that those glorious longer days are on the horizon. ⁠ May we recommend this Perfectly Pink Strawberry Mousse as an excellent treat for this weekend. ⁠

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  • Inspired By... Meet Natacha Rey, Founder of Lemon Aide

    Inspired By... Meet Natacha Rey, Founder of Lemon Aide

    We were pleased to be introduced to Natacha, the Founder Formulator and President of Lemon Aide and Maison Apothecare earlier this year when both of our products were featured in an International Women's Day box featuring female founded businesses for Sobeys' "Fab Female Local Box". Our Founder Tara loved the Lemon Aide products and Natacha's story. We're excited to be offering a limited time gift with purchase of their...

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