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  • Foods to Cook With This October

    Foods to Cook With This October

    This is the time of year we at Rawcology love to get Pump-Crazed? Pumpkined-Up? PumpKrazy? 😜Although we do know there are many other very delicious and nutritious foods we’re cooking with this month. Read below for the rainbow of flavours and ways to enjoy them. We love Pumpktober…yikes...October! 😍

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  • Rawcology Inc | Baked Smores

    Baked Smores

    Baked Smores with Rawcology Superfood Coconut Chips have us singing 'Summer days drifting away but oh those summer nights'!Labour Day weekend has that feeling of summer coming to an end. We are holding on extra tight to these sweet last summer nights with this dessert that will have everyone asking for, you guess it, S’MORE! 🙃

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  • Rawcology Inc | Butternut Squash Waffles

    Butternut Squash Waffles

    Apparently, it’s #waffleweek and these have got to top the list for a new Fall fave recipe of ours! They are like a warm hug on a plate and give all that indulgent weekend joy without any refined sugar. Did we mention these are filled with potassium rich, antioxidant filled, fibre and vitamin dense butternut squash? Sign us up! Top...

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  • Foods to Cook With This September

    Foods to Cook With This September

    We’re not exactly ready to say that seasonal ‘F’ word out loud just yet… summer technically lasts another 3 weeks, right?! However, the tease of the slightly brisker air and a slightly heartier meal gives us a bit of the ‘warm and cozies’ we can get behind. Mix in a little bit more structure, routine and some baked apples and...

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