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Rawcology News & Plant-Powered Recipes

  • Rawcology Inc | Pitaya Nice Cream

    Pitaya Nice Cream

    Is it breakfast? Is it dessert? Saturday calls for something special and this Pitaya Nice Cream gives you all the SWEET with a lot of SUPERFOOD. Not only does the pitaya super fruit powder make your bowl the most vibrant pink, it is packed with magnesium, zinc, potassium and fibre. Fresh ginger adds an immunity boost and maca powder provides...

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  • Rawcology Inc | Purple Power Smoothie Bowl

    Purple Power Smoothie Bowl

    Enjoying this blueberry and blackberry smoothie bowl to fuel the day. While it’s easy to load up on fruits in our smoothies and smoothie bowls, they offer a great way to get in fibre rich veggies such as cauliflower, zucchini or other greens 🌿

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  • Rawcology Inc | Mango Smoothie Bowl

    Mango Smoothie Bowl

    Start the morning off right with this immune supporting Mango Smoothie Bowl that packs a tropical punch to switch up your morning routine. We love mangos because they have high levels of vitamin C, fibre, pectin and can help benefit skin health. Add in the superfood turmeric and our Rawcology Lemon Ginger with Camu Camu Raw Crunch Granola, and you’ve got...

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  • Rawcology Inc | Matcha Smoothie Bowl

    Matcha Smoothie Bowl

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! 🍀 Let's get our greens in today with a Matcha Smoothie Bowl. Why do we love matcha? Matcha has one of the highest antioxidant ratings of all major superfoods. According to the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) test, which measures the antioxidant levels in foods, Matcha measures 1384 units per gram; that's 13x the antioxidants of...

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  • Rawcology Inc | Berry Smoothie Bowl

    Berry Smoothie Bowl

    Looking for an immune boosting start to the day? Look no further than this superfood packed Berry Smoothie Bowl with antioxidant rich berries, immune boosting mushrooms and energizing chia seeds. 

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